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Annotate Photos with ThingLink

Note: The following was originally posted on Dec. 23, 2013. Last week,our graphic designer, David, put together a fun-with-Photoshop holiday greeting featuring IDS members’ smiling faces digging into instructional technology, as we are wont to do on a Tuesday afternoon.

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Resource Roundup: Links from the Sandbox 2/3/14

Back from a relaxing weekend, here’s a roundup of articles on educational technology that we’re passing around the sandbox.

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Host and (Privately) Share Media with Google Drive

From iPad Apps for School by Richard Byrne, here’s a quick guide to a free and cool tool used in a way I hadn’t thought of. He’s using his Drive app (on an iPad) to upload a video. Check it

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Get to Know IDS: David Burget, Multimedia Design Specialist

We’re taking a look at the Instructional Design Services department one member at a time, highlighting new ideas in instructional technology and what each IDS member can do for MCC instructors.

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