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Quick-hit lessons covering online resources and tools.

Clearing Browser Cache

To improve performance for frequently visited websites, internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and others) maintain temporary storage of static files and pictures that make up a web page. When website administrators make changes to a site, a page may

If Web Content Doesn’t Show Up in Blackboard

If web content such as online videos that is supposed to show up in Blackboard isn’t visible, your browser may be blocking it. Although Blackboard is a secure website, the video or other content may be coming in as regular,

Quick Tip: Turn PowerPoint Presentations into Videos

You can easily turn PowerPoint presentations into pretty slick-looking videos in one simple step. After you’ve got your cool new video, you can upload it to an Ensemble Video Dropbox (or YouTube) to share it. Here’s how to do it.

Troubleshooting Tip: Clear Your Browsing History

Knowing how to clear your browser’s cache is an incredibly useful troubleshooting tool for fixing issues in web-based applications such as Blackboard. It’s really just a need-to-know skill for anyone regularly browsing the web.

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How to Schedule Webinars and Online Meetings with Office 365

MCC faculty, staff and students can use their Office365 accounts to host and join desktop conferences. In these online meetings, participants can share their desktops, video chat (with a webcam and audio), audio chat (with audio equipment for online, or

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