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Clearing Browser Cache

To improve performance for frequently visited websites, internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and others) maintain temporary storage of static files and pictures that make up a web page. When website administrators make changes to a site, a page may

APA and MLA Style Templates in Microsoft Word

If your course requires MLA or APA style, Microsoft Word offers templates to give you a hand. By default, when starting Word, the New screen is displayed. If it doesn’t, go to File > New. In the “Search for online

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Students Can’t Access Course in Blackboard

Near the term’s end, students sometimes can’t access their course in Blackboard anymore. Here’s why: By default, courses in our Blackboard system are available to students from the course’s first day through its last official day on the course calendar.

A Tip When Using Inline Grading for Assignments

Inline Grading is a great tool to leave comments on the students’ submitted file. However, there is one small quirk that does not save the comment: Not clicking on the document right after you create the comment.

Creating An Advanced Adaptive Release in Blackboard

The Advanced Adaptive Release in Blackboard allows you to provide access to educational materials to an individual student or group by creating rules. A rule is a set of criteria that determines the visibility of the content item to users.