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Tips, tricks and recommendations for Blackboard Learn users.

What’s new in Blackboard for winter 2017

During the Thanksgiving break MCC installed an update to Blackboard that introduced some new features, highlighted below: “Floating” Submit Button On pages where you might make changes the submit and cancel buttons used to appear at the top right and

How to Create an Extra Credit Column

Blackboard allows you to give extra credit or bonus points. Here is how to set it up. Prep Work You will need to know how many extra or bonus points you want to give. The Create Column Tool Go to

Guide for Using Blackboard in the Traditional Classroom

Curious about using Blackboard in the classroom? Want to know how to get started? IDS has a new resource for faculty members: Guide for Using Blackboard in the Traditional Classroom. A Flash version is also available. Inside you’ll find: What

Adding Content in Lessons Area

How to Add Content in Lessons Area Add a folder, blank page, file, Web Link and YouTube video to your lessons. Instructions were created in Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7. Blackboard might look slightly different on other systems. To create

Access Blackboard Safely on the Go

When accessing Blackboard in public places such as coffee shops and libraries over public Wi-Fi, it may be possible for other Wi-Fi users to see what websites you’re viewing. If so, they would not be able to see your MCC

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