Blackboard Attendance Feature

Figure showing Attendance feature can be found in the Course Tools menu of Blackboard.

Figure 1- Course Tools Menu

Blackboard has recently introduced an attendance module for instructors who track attendance and utilize it as a component of grading. The tool allows instructors to mark the student as present, late, absent or excused and implementation will add a column to the Grade Center and include the associated points in the overall grade for the course just as an assignment score is included.

Setup of Attendance Module

To access Attendance for your course, open up Course Tools and select Attendance as shown in Figure 1. The first time that the Attendance module is accessed, instructors will be provided with settings to select their grade schema for Present, Late and Absent attendance types. The default is 100% points for present, 50% for late and 0% for an absence and only late can be edited. It is recommended that instructors go with the default “Points” setting for Grade using and select to save. These settings may be edited in the future by returning to Course Tools > Attendance and selecting the gear icon.

Attendance settings default settings with scores of 100% for Present, 50% for Late and 0% for Absent.

Figure 2- Attendance Settings

Further Attendance Configuration

The Attendance module can be configured further to fit the instructor’s needs. Accessing the Attendance module for the first time causes the automatic addition of an Attendance column to the grade book. Visiting the Full Grade Center and selecting the chevron button allows the selection of Edit Column Information. In these settings, an instructor can configure the number of points to award for attendance to the overall student grade. Default points possible is 100 points but this can be adjusted here to fine tune the weighting of this item in the overall grade. An instructor may also elect to override the default settings which include the attendance grade in the Grade Center Calculations if they do not want attendance to effect student grades and whether to show the attendance grade to students in their grade view.

Using the Attendance Feature

Instructors can quickly document attendance for each class session by visiting Course Tools > Attendance to bring up the Attendance module where attendance can be entered and a view of the class attendance to date can be viewed.

Record Attendance in Meeting View

In the Meeting view, instructors simply select from the available Present, Late, Absence or Excused choices by clicking in the appropriate column for each student to record attendance for the session taking place that day.

Figure showing selected attendance for each student in the course.

Figure 3- Recording attendance

View and Edit Course Attendance in Overall View

In the Overall view, instructors can see and edit attendance for their class to the present date. The top section of this view provides some highlight statistics concerning total class attendance. This includes the number and percentage of students with perfect attendance and also statistics for the number and percentage of students with above and below average attendance.

The Overall column provides the instructor with the cumulative score to-date for each student of the total possible attendance points. The remaining columns are for each session of the class where attendance has been recorded and the status for each student in those sessions.

Instructors may edit any existing attendance record by clicking on that record which will open up selections to change to another attendance state. For example, if a student provides documentation at the next class session that would excuse their absence, the instructor can return to the overall view to change their absence to Excused which will then exempt that session from the overall score.

To insert an additional column for a missing or past attendance date, the instructor can hover their mouse in the date section of the line separating the columns where they would like the new column to appear. This will reveal a plus (+) symbol which can be clicked to enter a new attendance column (see Figure 4). The default for the new column will be the date following the column immediately to the left. This can be edited after the new column has been created by clicking on the date and then Edit Column.

Overall view of class attendance showing where to place cursor to insert a new date column.

Figure 4- Overall view showing insert a new date column

Additional Notes

Instructors can record attendance for their course with a mobile device (smartphone, iPad) using the mobile browser. The attendance feature is not available on the Blackboard apps.

Blackboard Support is available to assist instructors who have questions about setting up this useful feature. Please feel free to contact them via email at or by phone  at 531-622-2834 (8:00AM – 6:00PM Central, Monday through Friday).

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