How to Create an Extra Credit Column

Blackboard allows you to give extra credit or bonus points. Here is how to set it up.

Prep Work

You will need to know how many extra or bonus points you want to give.

The Create Column Tool

Go to the Full Grade Center, hover over and CLICK on “Create Column”. The Create Grade Column open.

Full Grade Center Page

Give the grade column a name and make sure the points possible are set to ZERO.

Zero points possible

And the “Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations” and “Show this Column to Students are set to Yes.

Make sute to choose YES

Click Submit and the Extra Point Grade Column is made and inserted in the Full Grade Center. You just need to manually add the points you give to the students. Blackboard will add those points to the total. Because of this, if Total points is 500 and extra points is 10, a student could earn 510 points.