Access Blackboard Safely on the Go

When accessing Blackboard in public places such as coffee shops and libraries over public Wi-Fi, it may be possible for other Wi-Fi users to see what websites you’re viewing. If so, they would not be able to see your MCC username, password, grades, or other sensitive information because Blackboard is protected by HTTPS encryption.

But if you’d prefer that others not even be able to see that you’re using Blackboard at all, you could turn on a Virtual Private Network (VPN). An easy way to do this is with a free browser called Opera. Just click the VPN button at the left of the address bar and turn it on. There’s no charge.

Although Opera is not supported by Blackboard, I’ve had no trouble taking tests, turning in assignments, or participating in discussions with it.

I’ve been talking about the desktop version of Opera, not its mobile version, Opera Mini. Opera Mini does not include VPN.

The Lifehacker article Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi Networks discusses VPN, HTTPS and safety tips.

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