Month: January 2017

Why We Make Documents That Aren’t Accessible to All Readers

An a Generation Xer, I grew up before digital files were everywhere. Even my first computer files were analog, saved on cassette tapes! I learned to write in this order: Printing by hand Cursive by hand Typing on paper (with

Improve the Accessibility of Your Office Files

Back when documents were always on paper, they were often inaccessible to people with disabilities such as blindness or dyslexia. Today, people with disabilities can access digital documents when computers read them aloud and in other ways. People creating Microsoft

Read Easier in Blackboard with Reader View

I’m a fan of browsing articles in Firefox’s Reader View. Reader View display’s the page’s main content without menus, ads, and other distractions. It works in Blackboard, too! Turning on Reader View To try Reader View in Firefox, Navigate to