How to Check Your Grades in My Way

Courses in Blackboard may close at the end of the quarter before instructors have posted final grades. When this happens students may view their final grades in My Way. Below are the simple steps to check grades using My Way.

Go to the college homepage and click ‘My Way Login’.

MCC Home Page


On the right side is a tab My Services. Click it.

My Way Homepage


Open MYSERVICES FOR STUDENTS. Highlight and click Academic Profile.

My Services tab


Look for, find and click Grades.

Grades selection


You next have a choice of the term you would like to view. Click the radio button of the term and then click submit.

Term selection


Your grades for the term will appear. That’s it!

Grades page


If you have questions about My Way, please call the Help Desk at 531-622-2900.

Here is a print friendly copy of How to Check Your Grades in My Way.