Month: September 2015

What to Do If Your Course Isn’t Listed in Blackboard

After logging into Blackboard, your courses should be listed under the heading “My Courses.” But what if a course that you expect to see in Blackboard isn’t there?

Create Narrated PowerPoints

Narrated PowerPoints are an easy-to-create tool that can be used as a lecture component for your online, hybrid or web-enhanced course. Compared to a regular PowerPoint, narrated PowerPoints are more engaging by offering learners graphics and narration. It also serves

Free & Cool Web-Based Tools

In this fast-paced session, IDS will show you “abuncha cool and free!” websites to use for creating media, manipulating images, virtual team collaboration and digital distribution of content for your classes! Bring your smartphone or connected devices. Come caffeinated!

If Web Content Doesn’t Show Up in Blackboard

If web content such as online videos that is supposed to show up in Blackboard isn’t visible, your browser may be blocking it. Although Blackboard is a secure website, the video or other content may be coming in as regular,

Syllabus Center Overview

Back in February, I wrote an introduction to Syllabus Center. Here’s a companion PowerPoint for Faculty Development Day: Syllabus Center Overview Slideshow.

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