Month: March 2015

How to Make Mobile-Friendly Blackboard Tests

NOTE: Blackboard no longer supports Mobile Learn. They now offers BbStudent

Faculty Insights: Automotive Instructor Al Cox Aims to ‘Teach Students to Care’

Lead automotive instructor Al Cox “never second-guessed” that he wanted to spend his career working on cars. In 1986, he became an instructor at MCC and found that he enjoyed his opportunity to “give back to the industry” by inspiring

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Blackboard Q&A: What is ‘global navigation’?

Blackboard uses the term “global navigation” to refer to the menu in the upper right of the Blackboard Learn environment, accessible by clicking on your name from any page within the system. But what can you actually do with this

Print Your Blackboard Course Calendar to Track Due Dates

If you’d like to print your calendar for a Blackboard, you’ve got a few options for how to do that. Each has it’s limitations — including that you’ll likely only be able to print one month at a time —

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How to Review Answers and Feedback on a Blackboard Test

After taking an exam or quiz in Blackboard, students may want to review their answers, compare their answers to the correct answers, or see any feedback provided by the instructor on specific test questions. How much information — correct answers