Month: February 2015

Use MCC’s Syllabus Center Tool to Author Syllabi

Save time and keep your syllabi current by using Syllabus Center.

How to Inform Students of Their Last Grades

A student who had taken online courses this term called Blackboard Support this morning to ask how to see the results of her final exam. It’s an important question — one that every instructor who uses Blackboard (especially in online

Student Guides to Ensemble Video

The following videos are meant to help you get started using Ensemble Video dropboxes in your online or web-enhanced course.

Inspiring Future STEM Leaders with Tech-Driven Education

Physics instructor Kendra Sibbernsen uses in-class demonstration to “tease people’s ideas about how the world works” and to make her courses engaging. In her Faculty Insights interview, she talks about her teaching inspiration and her hope to inspire girls to

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Quick Tip: Turn PowerPoint Presentations into Videos

You can easily turn PowerPoint presentations into pretty slick-looking videos in one simple step. After you’ve got your cool new video, you can upload it to an Ensemble Video Dropbox (or YouTube) to share it. Here’s how to do it.