How to Upload Videos to an Ensemble Dropbox Directly from a Mobile Device

If you need to turn in a video to your instructor, it’s easy to upload directly to an Ensemble dropbox from a mobile device, allowing you to record your video with your phone or tablet and then turn it in without having to move it anywhere else. Here’s how to do it.

After recording your video, you’ll need to navigate your mobile web browser (in this example, I’m going to use Chrome for Android, but I’ve also had success with Firefox for Android, Safari for iOS and Chrome for iOS) to the video-submission (called Ensemble) dropbox. To do this, type in the Ensemble-Video dropbox URL that your instructor provided, or log into Blackboard and click the link in your course to the video submission area. (Though mobile browsers are not officially supported for use with Blackboard, you should be able to navigate to the video-submission link to upload.)

Blackboard no longer supports the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. It supports Bb Student.

Once you’re on the correct submission page, enter your information (name, email address, video title, etc.). Then tap “Add File” to locate and “attach” your video.

Different devices will have different operating-system quirks and different versions running (plus different apps), but tapping the Add File button should open a prompt to pick one of your apps to “find” your videos. On my HTC One phone, I see camera, camcorder and voice recorder, all of which open to record a new file (rather than to attach an existing file). The documents link takes me to my internal Google Drive account, where I can pick out my homework video.

On an iOS (Apple) device, you should see the option to create a new video or choose existing. Tap “choose existing” to open your Camera Roll and select a video.

Once you’ve selected your video, the final step is to tap “Upload File” on the video-submission dropbox screen.

The upload may take a minute or two, depending on the size of your video file. If you have difficulty at this stage, try connecting your phone or tablet to a wireless Internet connection rather than depending on your 3G/4G/LTE data service. If that still doesn’t work, your wireless connection may not be stable enough for the upload and you may want to transfer your video to a laptop/desktop computer that you can plug into a modem/router directly with an Ethernet cable.

Once it’s complete, you should get a confirmation that your video upload worked, and you may be able to watch your video from within your Blackboard course (if your instructor has set it up that way).

MCC students with questions about Ensemble Video can also contact MCC Blackboard Support at