Ensure that Graded Discussions Appear in ‘Needs Grading’

Blackboard’s Needs Grading page is a nice little feature for speeding up your grading. Each time a student submits an assignment, a manually graded test or a late test, that work automatically appears in the course’s needs grading queue for the instructor to access and work on without having to open a million tabs and suffer through a billion clicks.But discussions and journals — even if graded — don’t automatically appear. You have to make sure that you have that setting turned on.

This is a forum-by-forum (or journal-by-journal) setting. To check that you have it turned on, go to Course Tools > Discussion Board and then edit one of your forums. In the “grade” area, you should see a box that says “Show participants in ‘needs grading’ status after every X Posts.” Check that box! It’s your friend.

Check box

For journals, it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s just under “grade journal” in the settings.

Needs Grading Journal


Please note! Turning “needs grading” on is not retroactive. This means that if I forgot to make sure that the box was checked and my students start to submit, I won’t see those submissions in needs grading (but don’t sweat — they’re in the grade center) even if I rush in to turn the setting on. Only the submissions from after the change will appear in needs grading.

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