Month: December 2014

A Year in Blogging

We accomplished a lot of blogging in 2014! This post is the 190th of the year after starting the blog on Dec. 12, 2013.

Blackboard Q&A: Why do discussions show as ‘in progress’?

I have gotten a few emails from students (and at least one from an instructor) asking about a blue clock icon always present in the grade center, despite the students submitting correctly and the presence of a grade from the

Faculty Insights: Helping Students Strive to Improve

Chris Ellinwood, welding technology instructor, says that students in his program start building early, and the pride in their accomplishments helps to push them toward their educational goals.

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Troubleshooting Tip: Clear Your Browsing History

Knowing how to clear your browser’s cache is an incredibly useful troubleshooting tool for fixing issues in web-based applications such as Blackboard. It’s really just a need-to-know skill for anyone regularly browsing the web.

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How to Create a New Blackboard Assignment

Blackboard assignments are places within a course where students can upload files for instructor review and grading. It’s a great tool for instructors, and is key to online courses. But on-campus instructors can use this tool to accept homework and