Month: November 2014

How to Use ‘IDeaS from the Sandbox’

Thanks for joining us on our new site. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most of it.

How to Use Ensemble in Blackboard

We’re excited to announce a new feature of our learning management system — Ensemble integration.

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Create Email Rules to Organize Your Inbox, Increase Your Sanity

Here’s a totally optional tip that may make your life a little simpler by organizing your email inbox.

Use Course Copy to Selectively Move Blackboard Content

Most of the time, we use Blackboard’s course copy feature to get all the “stuff” from one course over into a blank course. But you can also use it to selectively move some content types.

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Find Online Students’ Last Date of Participation with Blackboard Reports

MCC instructors must report a “last date of participation” in conjunction with any failing grades. But how do online instructors determine the last time a student participated?

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