Month: July 2014

On-Demand Blackboard Training

MCC instructors have a lot of resources to help prepare for the fall Blackboard launch.

Faculty Insights: Equality in the Classroom Matters

CDL class-A instructor Darryl Partner had a long, successful and very unrelated career before he began truck driving. But the drive to learn his craft well enough to explain to others ties together his work at the National Security Agency

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Blackboard Tip: How to Email

MCC’s Blackboard installation does not include any internal messaging, unlike ANGEL. So all email┬ácommunication will occur in MCC mail, for both students and instructors.

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Blackboard Tip: The Very Cool Calendar

I love showing MCC instructors new to Blackboard its calendar features. I’ve seen many smiles at its drag-and-drop functionality and believe its one of the big selling points in terms of advantages over the old ANGEL days.

Blackboard Tip: Use the Date Management Tool

Looking for a way to see all your availability and due dates in one spot? Use the Date Management Tool!

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