Get to know IDS: Charlie Cogar, Multimedia Specialist and Producer/Director

We’re taking a look at the Instructional Design Services department one member at a time, highlighting new ideas in instructional technology and what each IDS member can do for MCC instructors.

Charlie CogarContact Charlie if you’re interested in: Creating an instructional media package or contributing to “Metro and More.”

Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised on Long Island, Charlie has a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and film from St. John’s University and a master’s degree from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Mo. After graduate school, he relocated to Nebraska and worked in corporate communications. Charlie began teaching screenwriting at Metropolitan Community College in 2004 and started full time in IDS in 2007. Here’s a brief interview with him on how IDS helps MCC instructors.

What does IDS do for instructors?

Our job is to identify and leverage emerging technologies for education—to be out there researching and recommending, and to find and share the best use of teaching tools.

What is your specific role within IDS?

My job is to be a communications problem-solver. I consult with instructors and think about what will be the best medium to support their desired outcomes—that includes producing training modules, videos and other kinds of image capture. I think about the student audience and think, ‘What do we want them to do, know, see or feel from this communication?’


I’m often working on recording demonstrations—’how-to’ things—that faculty repeat each quarter or more. When we make a video available for streaming, if the student doesn’t quite get it, they can view the demonstration over and over again, from anywhere on the planet.

As a producer/director, I do a lot of pre-production planning—thinking about what programs we should be doing, how we can help instructors do their job better and faster with media communications. I also produce and direct the “Metro and More” television program. We produce between 60 and 70 episodes per year, as well as about a dozen “Local Flavor” cooking shows each year.; 531-622-2781

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