Month: January 2014

How to Google: 5 Search Literacy Tips

Knowing how to search makes any user’s online experience better, especially when browsing or researching for educational purposes. Even if you think you’re a search star, check out the following tips and tricks to up your Googling game.

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ANGEL Bug: Not Able to Send Mail in Internet Explorer

Some ANGEL users may not be able to send ANGEL mail if they are using Internet Explorer and have a particular mail preference enabled.

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Resource Roundup: Links from the Sandbox 1/30/14

Here’s a roundup of articles on educational technology that we’re passing around the sandbox.

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Tech Epiphanies: Understanding the ‘Internet of Things’

In this podcast from the sandbox, our department director, John McAdam, muses on an internet-connected toothbrush, first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January.

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Known ANGEL Bug: Discussion Boards Fail to Load

If a discussion board’s settings include a default to nested view (instead of threaded view), the full discussion may not be visible for Firefox and Chrome users.

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