Get to Know IDS: David Burget, Multimedia Design Specialist

We’re taking a look at the Instructional Design Services department one member at a time, highlighting new ideas in instructional technology and what each IDS member can do for MCC instructors.

David Burget

David Burget; 531-622-2865
Contact David if you’re interested in: Using 3-D or 2-D graphics in your classroom or online course, or if you’d like to set up (or add to) your faculty website.

David has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Robert Morris University in Chicago and joined Metropolitan Community College in early 2013. Previously, David has worked as freelance photographer, videographer and designer and in creating educational materials within the private sector. Here’s a brief interview with him on how IDS helps MCC instructors.

What does IDS do for instructors?

For faculty who want to use technology in the classroom, we can take a lot of the hard stuff off their hands—if they don’t feel that they’d have the skill, we can create things for them that help learning. We’re a team behind them to help them teach better.

What is your specific role within IDS?

I’m the artist for the department. I help create instructional material—everything from creating PowerPoint to designing, creating and implementing anything visual—including 2-D art, layouts and 3-D graphics.

For Al Cox in the automotive repair department, I created a 3-D model that shows a cross section of an engine component without having to actually take one apart. For the hydroponics instructors, I made a conceptual model of nitrate and ammonia—what that looks like under a microscope—and put that in a video with voice-over and demonstration. Art can show intensive, time-consuming and complex ideas through 3-D programs.

I’m the primary contact for faculty websites. I help them post and publish their syllabus or whatever course materials they like. They can then add content or their own, or have me do it.

I’m also a facilitator for the iPad group, which works to show how that device can add to classrooms, like it being used as an interface to a car, or for showing students examples of things one-on-one or like a physics instructor using an app that shows sound waves.

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