Hey About the Sandbox

A sandbox is a place to play and be creative. Our sandboxes are physical and digital spaces where educators experiment with instructional technology.

IDeaS from the Sandbox is the blog of the Instructional Design Services department at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Neb. We’re the key faculty resource in applying the latest learning technologies to diverse online and on-campus classrooms.

At IDS, we …

• consult faculty on the best use of instructional media;

• produce media to support learning;

• provide technical support for tech-enhanced learning activities;

• conduct hands-on training on the latest teaching software and web tools;

• research, recommend and implement state-of-the-practice, cost-effective solutions in teaching, learning and communication;

• teach instructors (and students) basic computer, web and mobile device literacy;

• remain committed to quality, service and innovation.

We also have a lot of fun.

FOC Building 17

Come play with instructional technology.

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