South Omaha Mural Project

Mural Pano 1

An uninspiring, dull, lifeless space makes waiting on the bus a waste of time. Add color. Add much color. Include some lines, shapes, forms. Give it texture and content. Give us something to see and wonder about, something to imagine, something to question. Some have looked at that lifeless gray wall by the bus stop and imagined. We look and wonder, and now we look in wonder as we approach the end of something amazing.

In the Spring of 2014, students from MCC and Kent Bellows Studio embarked upon a six-month project to create a culturally relevant mural on the south side of the Connector Building at MCC’s South Omaha Campus. Students spent the spring quarter engaging the community to discover its rich cultural heritage and history. Community meetings and fora were conducted to encourage participation from the community into the content and design of their mural.

Mural Pano 2