In Pictures: South Omaha History

About the Project

The South Omaha historical photos that adorn the walls of MCC belong to a variety of local collections including the Durham Museum, Douglas County Historical Society, KMTV, and the Omaha World Herald. The community has enjoyed the photos since 2008 shortly after the Connector building was constructed. Additional photos hang in the ITC hallway at the east end of the campus. Until 2015, the photos had only brief titles, making it difficult for viewers to determine the location, year, or content. The project of contextualizing the images for public education is the ongoing work of MCC students and faculty. The Institute for Cultural Connections, a student-centered, faculty-driven initiative to enrich education through culture at MCC, has been working with students from across the disciplines to research and write brief descriptions for the mounted plates beside each photo. Longer essays were chosen for publication on the web to engage viewers via the interactive QR (quick response) codes. Faculty and students will continue to research and write about the photographs and mural content for several quarters to come, enabling students to apply research and writing skills to a tangible project that fulfills a need at MCC, while engaging the greater neighborhood in this community-based project.

Thanks to our community partners for publication permissions and support of the project. All images belong to the Douglas County Historical Society and the Durham Museum and have been reprinted here with permission for educational uses only. Funding was provided by Metropolitan Community College, The City of Omaha’s Historical Grants and Douglas County. 

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